Emerging technologies on fast aerosol&vapour sensors and fast and massive decontamination -previously developed up to TRL5 by participants of this proposal- have demonstrated to be ideal candidates to provide universal fast and portable protection against CBRN.

This project will mature these safe technologies and develop operational procedures for detection, protection, decontamination and assessment itself, and will measure their effectiveness in experimental tests and practical demonstrations in operational environment (TRL7):

  • EX Intrinsically Safe CBRN-E aerial drone with sensors, semiautonomous navigation even in denied GNSS and automatic detection of victims.
  • Technology and operating procedures for sheltering. responders (including vehicles) against CBRN-E toxic clouds and aerosols.
  • Mass decontamination of infrastructures and vehicles tech & procedures based on aerosol dynamic aggregation.
  • Sensors and procedures for reliable assessment of cleanliness.
  • Mass decontamination of people (i.e. crowded arena…).
  • Decontaminator of Respiratory System of a victim or “Lung cleaner”.
  • Operating procedures for safe CBRN-E debris removal and excavation.

Additionally, after analysis of CBRN-E associated risks in rescue and recovery operations it will develop and validate an AI modular tool for generating operating procedures for first responders operating under a CBRN-E event.

These reliable useful tools and procedures at TRL7 will substantially increase safety for all first-responders (either CBRN specialized, non-specialized and even rescue-dogs) minimizing the need to enter in a contaminated area and exposure of first responder and providing smart advice and fused information. They haste a safe response and recovery reducing the number of victims and their severity as well as the environmental impact. Particularly, crowded events will be safer against CBRN episodes.

Intrinsic Safety in Explosive atmospheres is key to prevent catastrophic explosions with a terrific impact.

More information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101121308

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