System for safe Biological Chemical Radiological and Nuclear assessment, rescue 

and decontamination

Funded by the European Union​

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The harsh and dreadful threats on population, and especially on first responders, caused by Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRN-E) environments are, unfortunately, steadily increasing.

Natural phenomena or disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents or just failures of systems may trigger the release of CBRN-E agents exponentially multiplying risks and victims and potentially generating a tremendous societal impact.

STBERNARD aims to develop innovative technologies for the mass decontamination of people, animals, and infrastructures; identification of CBRN aerosols and getting a 3D model of the scenario; AI modular tool for generating operating procedures for First Responders operating under CBRN-E events: risk assessment, protection, action, mitigation and prevention.


The STBernard consortium is constituted by a multidisciplinary and complementary team including 18 partners from 9 nationalities, 5 First Responder organizations and 4 external advisory boards.


In STBernard project, different technologies and procedures will be developed for enhanced capacities of First Responders more efficient rescue operations, including decontamination of infrastructures in the case of a CBRN-E event: